Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Almost There!

I am so excited. Justin only has a few months left of his 5 year apprenticeship. It is so hard with our schedules to do anything. He gets up at 4am every morning to go to work and the 2 nights a week he has school he doesn't even get home until 10pm. I will be so grateful when he is done with school. These winter months are the hardest. I pick up Hailey and dread going home to a dark cold house. I wish June would get here faster. I told Justin that by the time he finishes school he could have been a doctor. He has a 2 year associates on top of all this school. In the end that will be a total of 7 years. What a good man:)

Tonight is one of those nights that Justin has school. I am thinking about intruding on my dear mother and having her feed her wonderful grandaughter and child. After working for 10 hours the last thing I want to do is go home and cook a big dinner for just Hailey and myself.

I have this Friday off which is nice because Justin happens to have this Friday off also. I am looking forward to doing absolutely nothing other than a little cleaning of course! We actually might go out and buy Hailey the 4 wheeler that Justin found for Christmas. it is electric and has a parental control that allow us to shut it down if she gets going too fast. We actually just bought her a brand new riding helmet and jersey. (I think this was more daddys Christmas present than Hailey's) It will be fun to take her with us 4 wheeling this summer and have something for her to do.

Anyway, need to run..I need to call mom and see what she is making for supper!


Anonymous said...

Ya you just call her up an she can make supper for you and hailey! come to think of it it might be a good idea for me to do that when I leave home, that way i won't have to cook! LOL
I don't mind it that bad anymore but I used to HATE it.
The four-wheeeler sounds cool wish I had one. . . but i don't think I'd enjoy havin it shut off on me that much! LOL
btw thanks for the comment.
I had a previous account on blogspot but i can't for the life of me remember what the password was so i'll have to start a new one and thats a pain! so for this comment and untill I have more time i'm gonna be anonymous.
~ have a great day ~

thevbunch said...

Sounds like a great idea. Maybe I'll come too! : )

Mrs. Darling said...

sorry. I really didnt make supper ohter than spaghette. Dad and I worked on the dryer all night long. Not fun. Hey I think you better take the city off the sidebar. Its not good for everyone to know exactly where you live especially in such a small place.

gramma_s said...

Heed what thy Mother sayeth, She is having quite a difficult job teaching ne how to blog and now she has to watch you too. :-)
Wish I had someone to make supper for me, Believe it or not I get real hungery somtimes and don't know what to fix or have the energy to fix it.