Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to Reality

It was sooo nice to have 4 days off from work. I am so depressed that it is over now. All I want to do is be at home in my nice warm house. Hailey had a really hard time going back to daycare today. She cried and cried, it broke my heart to leave her there.

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving. On Wed. night we met my parents and went out to dinner with them. We were suppose to be meeting them at the coast on Friday but my dad was not feeling well so they were only going to go down for 1 day. On Thanksgiving day we went to Justin's parents house. It was a lot of fun. Hailey went with they boys to go feed the horses that his dad was taking care of for a few weeks. She had a blast! On Friday I woke up at 4am to meet my mother in law and go shopping. I spent WAY too much money but was able to get most of my Christmas shopping done. On Sat we really didn't do much of anything. One of my best girlfrinds came over and we spent the night watching movies. On Sunday we went to church and then we came home and put up all our Christmas decorations and wrapped Christmas presents. It was a very good weekend, I am just sad that it is over now:(

Well hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...Now Back to Reality


thevbunch said...

Yeh, its hard for the kids to get back in to a schedule again ,but the break is sure fun! How in the world do you handle shopping that weekend must be your mother in ya! : )

Tigerslittlesweetie said...

I'm with you on the "back to reality". I'm in such a drag this week that I can't get anything done! Well....a great holiday was worth it! Have a great day!

Mrs. Darling said...

Hi honey!

gramma_s said...

Hi honey!