Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hum De Dum

Man it has been the longest week ever. I have seen Justin a total of 1 hour since Sunday and I won't see him tonight either. It is so agrivating. Our schedules are so different. I probably wont see him until Thursday night because he has school tonight. Oh well I guess I'll have to stop whining an deal with it.

On Fri. Justin and I brought home a new addition to our family. She is a nine week old Golden Retreiver. She is still bigger than Dinky (our other dog) and Dinky is full grown. Hailey was shocked to have a new puppy waiting for her when she got home from daycare. It was so cute.

Anyway, Have to run!


Mrs. Darling said...

Good to see you back on line.

thevbunch said...

Hey, who knows you may come up with a menu that just hits the spot for someone sometime, Yikes, I wouldn't like being away from my hubby that much either.

Tigerslittlesweetie said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comment. I just discovered your site a couple of days ago and hadn't got around to leaving a comment yet. (Just ask your mom....I'm a pro at lurking...NOT proud of the fact!) Man it's hard for me to imagine you married w/ a kid! We got married and moved away, and life just kept going on, but in my mind everything is frozen in time. You've got an adorable little girl! Looking forward to keeping up w/ ya now!