Friday, December 29, 2006


I am so excited that I have a 3 day weekend. So far I don't have much planned except for going over to my friend Sheilah's house to play games on Sunday night. I feel like such an old woman. I know that I wont make it until midnight. I was in bed last night by 8pm. I need to do something fun and exciting to remind myself that I am only 24. We were thinking about taking the 4 wheelers to sand lake this weekend but my husband got a wild hair and tore his whole bike apart to paint it 2 weekends ago. I guess I still could go because my bike is all shiny and new just sitting in the garage begging for me to ride it:) I was really happy because Hailey only had to go to daycare one day this week. Mon she was with me, Tue she was with mom, Wed she was with other grandma, Thr she went to daycare, and today she is at home with daddy. I don't feel quite as guilty when she is with family. She starts a new daycare on the 14th. It is a private Christian dayschool. It comes highly recomended and they have a huge waiting list. They squeezed Hailey in because of her age and the class she would be in. I am really excited, this year she starts sign language and next year she will start Spanish as well. I think the structure will be really good for her! Well I better get going. I sure hope 5pm gets here sooner than later!


mrs darling said...

Hey dad and I need a sitter saturday night. What sayest thou?

thevbunch said...

that Christmas gift list is wild!!! :0

Tigerslittlesweetie said...

Lucky you, I want an ipod. The music they play at the gym makes me grouchy...also I'm thinking maybe the pizza guy wouldn't flirt w/ me if I couldn't hear him??!! (real stuff!) Sounds like you guys had a fabulous Christmas...wishing you a wonderful New year!