Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Family Pics

Justin's dad was a champion bull rider. For Christmas we got some of these pictures blown up and framed. It was our favorite gift. Justin's father never let them bull ride that's how they both got into roping. I feel so bad for him because that is such a passion of his and right now we just don't have the property for it. He does still get to rope in the occasional jackpot, but it will be so nice when he can have it all right at his fingertips!

P.S. Justin is the older little boy:)


Mrs. Darling said...

When I click on these they stay the exact same size as they are on the blog. If you scanned these in then its a problem of the scanner setting not the computer or your camera. These obviously didnt come off your cam so you had a wrong setting when you scanned them. Get it?

Tigerslittlesweetie said...

Gorgeous wedding pics! Your dress is stunning and you were beautiful. =)

mrs darling said...

Oh my gosh Justin was such a cutie! You guys really need to give me another granchild.