Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Just one more day!

I could sure use another day off. We had such a wonderful weekend, it was really hard coming back to work today. We really didn't do much but it was so relaxing. Justin and I met up with some friends to bring in the new year. It was nice having some adult time. My mom watched Hailey and then on Monday our friends Kim and James came over. James and Justin spent most of the day in the garage working on their 4wheelers and Kim and I stayed inside and knitted most of the day away. Now it's back to work for me I am still planning on quitting in June, Lord willing. I actually have the chance to work from home for a company that is in the hotel industry as well. It is 100% commision based but that is Ok because the money I make is just going to be extra money to put into savings. It is so scary thinking about quitting my job but I am excited about this new adventure. Staying at home with my baby and starting this new job. I will be very busy but I am so excited and Justin has been so supportive. I love him so much!

Have a great day and Happy New Year!