Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cartilage and Peaches

Well, Went to the Dr. on Tue after I was walking down the hall at work and got stuck. I was not able to move due to the fact that I was in so much pain. Come to find out this weird bone pain I have been having is because I am missing the piece of cartilage you are apparently suppose to have between your two pelvic bones. Therefore, every time I take a step those bones are just grinding against each other. I am just thankful that the baby is doing good. I realize it could be a lot worse however, right now on bed rest at 3 1/2 months pregnant, life is not looking it's brightest. The Dr. is going to see me on a week by week basis to determine if I can work that week or not.

Anyway, enough complaining. It has been sunny and beautiful the past few weeks. So, it being almost June, my pregnant body was craving a fresh peach. Not just any peach, the kind of peach fresh from the farm that I only got as a kid when I stole one from the box that mom was canning from. Well, apparently in my 8 yr old mind I did not record the date of the time that the peach was stolen. Therefore, totally horrifying my mother this morning when I called her to ask her where a pregnant women could find a farm that sold a fresh peach. Had I known the laughter, followed by horror, followed by the public humiliation that was to come, I would have driven to the store and bought peaches in a can. OH, but do not worry the story is not over. While mother was upstairs, in between yelling at Anna Lise for breaking her computer and typing away frantically, oldest daughter stopped by for a visit and upon her departure made a stop by mother's pantry, quietly snatching the last 2 jars of homemade canned peaches from last year. BWAAAABWAAAA

Well, I must be going. I have 2 loads of laundry to fold and a whole bowl of peaches to eat!


Mrs. Darling said...

You are downright wicked! I figured something was up. I asked when you left if you had cleaned out my cupboards. I wasnt so dumb was I?

Anonymous said...

I figured the comment was from "hers truely" the only problem is, now if I stop at your mom's I can't steal any peeches.
(I can just hear her)
BTW I like the peek into your house that you posted on the above post. Let's see some more.
Love, Grandma