Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So it is summer time and things are so hectic. 2 weekends ago we decided to start the daunting task of making our house compatible for 4 people. We gave Hailey a totally new room and re did the whole thing in horses with an adorable horse border (will post pics soon). She absolutely loves it, but now unfortunately we are without a play room. Might not be such a bad thing though considering it makes her keep her toys picked up. Anyway, now the baby will get Haileys old room that is all done in tinker bell. Have not had a chance to get that room set up yet though.
Then, for the 4th of July we went to the Molalla Buckaroo rodeo with Justin's parents. We had so much fun. We bought Hailey and adorable pink cowgirl hat that she wore the whole time. She thought it was pretty cool that everyone there knew daddy and grandpa. Mommy was even a little impressed. Justin's father is a champion bull rider and it seems like Justin had roped with half of the guys in the rodeo before. After that we went to some friend's of my parent's and had a BBQ. It was at that time my darling husband decided he would jump in the wading pool that had 3 feet of water in it and do a trick to impress all the kiddos. Well, he ended up hitting is shoulder on the bottom of the pool and dislocating it. It was already pretty sore from throwing hay all weekend and that was the final straw. Off we went to the emergency room where we sat until 2am. Then next day at work I had a huge presentation to make to the owners of my company and I hardly thought I was going to make it through.
In between all of this we sold our 4runner and bought an 86 extended cab 1 ton dually truck. It is in such excellent condition that we couldn't pass it up. Justin is like a little boy on the first day of school. I am really glad he was able to get it. He deserves it! We also had a wedding to attend that both Justin and I were in the same weekend all of my family was in town for a funeral. Now we are preparing to go to the lake house this weekend with my parents. We both have Friday off and I am looking forward to doing nothing but eating at Moes and reading my book.
If anyone needs me starting Friday I am unavailable and my cell will be turned off until Mon morning.

Justin's dad Bull riding back in his day!

Our new truck and my husband's new baby!