Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pics Cont...

Justin doing his favorite thing...roping (he's the one on the left)
Our first wedding anniversary at the beach

Random Pics

Hailey likes to catch them but she wouldn't eat them
Daddy's little girl!

Hailey doing her favorite thing

Monday, October 01, 2007


It poured rain all weekend. We have been so busy getting ready for the baby that I don't know which way is even up anymore. I am still working I am hoping to make it until Nov 12th but we'll see how that works out. My back has been killing me so bad that at night I come home from work and it is all I can do to make it to the heating pad. I have started my so called "nesting" phase which is typically a good thing however, I am afraid mine is a destructive one. While washing my floors I discovered a piece of carpet that was not nailed down, upon further examination and to my delight I discovered that under our carpet were beautiful real hardwood floors. So, my darling husband tour out the carpet for me! Well, even though they are in excellent condition we now have to refinish them so they will not get ruined. While he was ripping out the carpet I had the brilliant idea to tear the trim up in the whole house. Since we were going to refinish the hardwoods we would have to tear up some of the trim and we had been talking about redoing it all before we sell anyway. So then we get a phone call from Justin's uncle saying that his wood stove had cracked and that was their only source of heat. We have a huge brick fireplace mantel in our living room and on it sits a huge old wood stove in perfect condition that we have never used. Partly because our house is not up to code to have a stove that huge and also because it would probably heat us out of house and home. Well, sure enough Justin's uncle wanted to know if we would sell it to him. The selfish side of me was shaking my head at Justin while he was on the phone. What would I do with a huge empty brick mantle in the middle of my living room. We had not budgeted to buy a new gas stove right now to replace it and with the baby coming it is hardly a project I want to dip into our funds for. Anyway, so here I sit with no trim in my house, no carpet on my floors, and one HUGE empty brick mantle in the middle of my living room. HELP