Friday, February 08, 2008


So we have been soooo busy lately. We have everything moved and now it is just a matter of unpacking everything. I will be so glad when everything is unpacked and my house is back in order again. We love the new house. It has so much more room I feel like I need more furniture to fill it. Hopefully we will get the majority of it done this weekend. I am so glad it's Friday. Tomorrow evening we are having friends over for dinner in the evening and on Sunday after church Justin is taking me out for "date night". I am really looking forward to that. We have been so busy lately that I find myself missing him even though we see each other every night. Hailey and Kayla are doing really well. Hailey has adjusted to having a sister so well. She really hasn't had any of the jealousy issues that I was anticipating. Kayla is such a chunky monkey that it is almost humorous. She is so adorable and has the biggest smile. It takes over her whole face and you can't help to laugh every time she does it. I am being "bad" and letting her sleep in my bed every night. I feel like it's our special time together and she sleeps through the night :) I have a feeling that I will have to start making her sleep in her own bed soon though. Daddy is getting a little annoyed at only having 3 inches of sleeping space every night. I will post pics of the kiddos and the house soon!