Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Pics

Well, Hailey's competition was cancelled due to the weather but we still had a fun day and rode Beau anyway. Then, Hailey got to go to the state fair with Nanna and Papa so it was a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life goes on

Not sure why I continue blogging. The only comments I get are Spam but I see that quite a few are still visiting so I guess I will continue...

Last weekend We did a joint garage sale with my mother at the church. We did extremely well considering the temps were above 100. It might as well have been raining. I had 7 totes full of Kayla's baby clothes and those were just 0-12 months. We still had so much stuff left over that we decided to have another one this weekend at my house. Luckily my mother will be helping on Sat. Hailey has her second gaming competition. She is in the pre pee wee class(who knew there was such a thing) so she is only able to compete in barrels and key hole because of her age. She had her first competition a few weeks ago and took third in both events and first in the boot race:) I had been considering entering this competition for myself as I have been working with a trainer but I am afraid my barrel racing skills are not quite there yet. Hopefully soon though:)

Work has been stressful yet fun lately. Last week we spent 2 days at the fair one helping host the Golden Wedding Game which is a game show similar to the newlywed game and the second day we ran a booth for the hotel. Monday came around and we spent the day golfing in a golf tournament the company had sponsored, now today it is back to work.

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary. I must say I have the best husband in the world. He is probably the kindest, most polite, most patient man you will ever meet. I wish I had some of the virtues that he possesses but alas (did I just say alas), I am too much like my mother:) We went out to a very nice new restaurant in town for dinner. Justin ordered the smoked sampler. It came with beef and pork prepared about every way imaginable and then different sauces to dip it in. I have never seen that man so happy. He could barely see me over the stack of meat on his plate. It was good to get out for a night.

Anyway, must run

p.s. the first four pictures are of Hailey training for her competition.