Monday, November 03, 2008

Fun Times!

So just wanted to drop in and say hello...I have been so torn lately. I am worried about our country, I am worried about my children, Do I spend enough time with them? Does my husband know how much I adore him? Does my family know how much they mean to me? I'm not sure why but these are all thing that I have been thinking about lately. Justin has been working 6 ten hour days recently. When I say 10 hour days he is actually gone much longer than that. He leaves at 5am and returns home at 6pm. I am worried that he is working too much for his own health.

We had a wonderful time on Halloween. Not much good to be said for the holiday but it was fun for the kids. We dressed up and took them tick or treating. We counted 198 children that came to our door. We have recently moved to a much larger neighborhood and apparantely it is the neighborhood to be at for Halloween. I must have lost that memo because we barely had enough candy. luckily a neighbor had pre warned me. Before we took the kids out we had a little halloween party with hot chocolate, caramel apples, and for the grown ups I baked brie and garlic and served it with warm baquette. It was delicious!
We had 5 kids over and 8 adults. Later in the night my mom and Wally stopped by as well.

Here are some pics. As you can tell Kayla was not into being Tigger at all...Sigh...she sure was cute though!

Hailey's Horse Show

Well, Hailey did so awesome. She got second place. We were so proud of her!!!