Friday, February 13, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Well things have been very busy around the Davis household. I have been working such long hours at work that I am about ready to collapse and Justin has been working 5-6 10 hour days each week. Now I am not complaining I am simply stating facts. We both feel very blessed to both be working in times like these. I do however miss my kids and husband, I feel like it has been weeks since I've gotten to spend any real quality time with them. I am so glad it is Friday and I get to spend 2 full days with them. It should be a relaxing weekend. We do not have anything planned for Saturday and so far Justin doesn't have to work. On Sunday we will go to church and then from there go to a friend's house to watch some race that Justin just can't miss (I think it's the Daytona 500).Valentine's Day is also this weekend but Justin and I bought each other tickets to go see the Brad Paisley concert the end of this month so we aren't doing anything too major this Sat(with the exception of flower's for me). Speaking of husband carpools with my father who on numerous occasions has stopped to get my mother roses. Justin always buys me wildflowers which I loved and adored for the first 3 years. Finally, I decided that I must tell my dear husband that as much as I adored him I no longer loved the wildflowers and that maybe he should switch it up a little. Of course I said it in a much nicer way but all I could imagine for the next 50 years getting cheap wildflowers because they were two dollars off in the discount bin. It didn't help that everytime my mother got roses she would call to brag and then say " Dad bought me roses, let me guess justin bought you wildflowers", she seriously thought it was the funniest thing ever. Now I know I sound like a spoiled brat but I want roses. I guess we will see if he was listening soon enough. Well I better go. Happy Valentine's Day


Anonymous said...

If you don't blog I will never see any pictures of Hailey. I love you Shelly and I wish i could see you again. I looking forward to your mom's visit. Not much is happening here. Grandpa is not feeling well most of the time. About all I get done is put pictures in Photo albums. I don't feel good a lot of times, but I hear it is just my imagination. I just wish I could imagine I felt good. :-) Ted and Jolynn were here this week-end and LaRay and Esther came Sat night for supper. They brought supper with them. well this is turning into a post instead of a comment so I'd better quit. Love you and yours, grandma