Sunday, September 20, 2009


It is Sunday afternoon and Justin was called into work. Kayla is taking her nap, Hailey is eating lunch, and I am trying to get motivated to clean my house. We leave in a few days to go to the Dominican Republic and there is so much to do before we leave.

My new job is great and so is life. Now, if only I had a housekeeper:)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

New Beginnings

Oh where to begin??? I have been thinking a lot about my life lately and of ways to simplify it. Unexpectedly last week an opportunity presented itself.

I have worked at this particular hotel for almost 5 years. I ran the sales department for 2 hotels and over 300 hotel rooms. The stress of it has been overwhelming recently and I was starting to think I would never have a real life. A life that I could enjoy my family and not be so consumed by work that I had to put them second.

Now, I realize that I only have one follower on my blog (that being my mother) and so I'm not even sure that the significance of this move really will mean anything to anybody who reads this (because nobody but I QUIT MY JOB.

I was offered a position to work for a hotel as their Director of Sales. This hotel is brand new and beautiful but only has 92 rooms. They offered me close to what I am making now and it will be a third of the work. When I initially went on this interview it was more out of curiosity than anything and I was not expecting to quit my job but the general manger said all of the things that I needed to hear as if she was looking through a window into my heart. She said that they are looking for a hard worker but that she wanted to make it clear that family comes first and that my job comes second. She said that if I need to bring my daughter to work one day that it was fine and that I could even take some time to work in my daughters classroom once a week if I wanted. I did not even bring these things up. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and then I was offered the job on the spot. She said that she had received hundreds of applications but that she knew that I was the right person for the job. I accepted the position and now I start my new life on Wednesday (she wanted to make sure I was off for Hailey's first day of school)... ARE YOU HEARING THIS!!!!!

I can't say that I have reacted to the transition as I thought I would. I have moments of anxiety when I check my blackberry and see that I have zero...((ZERO)) emails...I keep worrying about my clients that I have and who will pick up where I left off and I hope so and so remembers to do this and that. My body is going through a complete detox I think I have slept for about 24 hours straight and I am very emotional (it feels as though I am pregnant...but I AM NOT). I am so excited for this new journey. Now maybe I might have more free time to blog. Thanks for listening mom:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Picture

Monday, May 11, 2009


Nothing much new going on but life is good and I couldn't ask for anything more. Here are some random tidbits about what has been going on in the Davis household.

  • Justin's schedule has slowed down a bit which is good. He is back to working four ten hour days instead of six.

  • Mother's day was lovely. Justin let me sleep in and him and the girls brought me breakfast in bed.

  • We just booked a trip to the Bahamas in September. We are going with Justin's brother and girlfriend. It should be a lot of fun. I think we both need a vacation.

  • Next weekend is our neighborhood garage sales. It will be nice to get rid of some of the junk I have been holding onto all year long.

  • The weekend after that we are going to the beach for four days. We rented a beach house that sits right on the sand and has an amazing view. We are going with another family that we are friends with so it should be a lot of fun.

  • I am so glad it is Spring the flowers are blooming and everything is so beautiful. I planted flowers this weekend while Justin spread barkdust. It's nice to have the yards looking good again, now if only I can find the time to water my flowers every

  • Hailey starts kindergarten in September and her school orientation is May 20th. I can't beleive she is so grown up already. I'm not sure mommy is ready for this new adventure in her little life.

  • Hailey's schdule is consuming our schedule this summer. Justin has roping every Friday and Sunday evenings and Hailey has 6 competitions with the Willamette calley Junior Rodeo Association, 3 competitions at the horse club we are members of, and 1 other competition that her trainer wants her to go to in June. UGGHH I dont know if I can keep up with it all.

Well, I better go but I will leave you with a Haileyism. We were at her riding practice and she took off on her horse going WAY too fast. Her trainer and I were both yelling at her to stop but she just kept going faster and faster laughing her head off the whole time. When she finally stopped the horse I started scolding her...

ME -"(((HAILEY NOEL))) What in the world are you thinking. You could have been hurt very bad. You have to listen or you will never ride again.

HAILEY- " But mom, I just wanted to be FREE" she says between sobs

ME trying not to laugh- "What in the world do you want to be free from"

Hailey "I just wanted to be free from the world"

LOL...How can I argue with that:) OH never a dull day

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am so thankful...

My heart feels so sad and burdened today. As I type a close family friend lies in the hospital in a coma with his wife and his little son by his side. Life is so fragile and you just never know how much time you or your loved ones have. I have been missing my husband and kiddos so bad the past few days. We are all so busy it's like we don't even have time for the important things in life. I guess when a person reaches this point in their life it is time to re evaluate. The world around us seems to be falling apart. Thank God our little family is healthy and well. There is just so much bad news out there right now it is so hard to stay positive. I call client after client on a daily basis and over and over again I am told that they no longer work for the company. I guess all we can do is pray for those around us going through these tough times and make sure every day the ones closest to us know how important and loved they really are. Anyway, I am kind of rambling at this point so I am going to go.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Well things have been very busy around the Davis household. I have been working such long hours at work that I am about ready to collapse and Justin has been working 5-6 10 hour days each week. Now I am not complaining I am simply stating facts. We both feel very blessed to both be working in times like these. I do however miss my kids and husband, I feel like it has been weeks since I've gotten to spend any real quality time with them. I am so glad it is Friday and I get to spend 2 full days with them. It should be a relaxing weekend. We do not have anything planned for Saturday and so far Justin doesn't have to work. On Sunday we will go to church and then from there go to a friend's house to watch some race that Justin just can't miss (I think it's the Daytona 500).Valentine's Day is also this weekend but Justin and I bought each other tickets to go see the Brad Paisley concert the end of this month so we aren't doing anything too major this Sat(with the exception of flower's for me). Speaking of husband carpools with my father who on numerous occasions has stopped to get my mother roses. Justin always buys me wildflowers which I loved and adored for the first 3 years. Finally, I decided that I must tell my dear husband that as much as I adored him I no longer loved the wildflowers and that maybe he should switch it up a little. Of course I said it in a much nicer way but all I could imagine for the next 50 years getting cheap wildflowers because they were two dollars off in the discount bin. It didn't help that everytime my mother got roses she would call to brag and then say " Dad bought me roses, let me guess justin bought you wildflowers", she seriously thought it was the funniest thing ever. Now I know I sound like a spoiled brat but I want roses. I guess we will see if he was listening soon enough. Well I better go. Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, January 02, 2009

It's a new year!!!

Looking back on 2008 it was a year full of blessings.

  1. Justin and I bought a beautiful new home
  2. Justin received a promotion at work
  3. We welcomed the addition of our horse "Beau" into the family
  4. We are all healthy
Looking froward to 2009 there are several resolutions I have made for myself.
  1. To pay off all of our debt (with the exception of the house)
  2. To make healthier choices
  3. To start working out more regularly
  4. To go to church more faithfully
  5. To take one family vacation
So, there you have it. Justin and I have been so blessed and we are so thankful. I pray that 2009 is just as blessed and that we never take a moment of it for granted