Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazy As Usual

Well, we are off to the beach in a few short hours to celebrate my Grandmother's birthday. It should be pretty fun so I am looking forward to it but oh my has this been a crazy week. Both girls have been sick and work has been insane. Pray we make it to the beach in one piece.

Nothing too exciting has been going on. we are looking at getting new carpet and granite countertops which I am very excited for. Hailey has been loving school and has a new little best friend named Macey who she adores. It is so cute to see them play and remember being that age when everything was so simple. She just had her first sleepover at Macy's house. Part of me was hoping to get that middle of the night phone call saying that she missed me too much and wanted to come home but of course that didn't happen with my little miss independent.

Kayla has finally arrived at the terrible 2's. It is complete karma because I have been going around telling everyone how good she is for being 2 and that I can't believe how lucky I am and then it came on like swine flu, THE TERRIBLE TWO's. The past three mornings she has covered herself in some sort of substance from head to toe. Literally the only recognition of a human is 2 little eyes peeping out from layers of lotion, vicks, baby wipes, and what ever else she can find to put her little hands on. As if our mornings are not hectic enough I have been having to add into the routine a bath. ARGGGHHH. She is also ready to be in her big girl bed as she has learned how to climb out of her crib. She will stack everything up high enough to get over the top and occasionally you will hear her yelling for you because she has high centered herself trying to get out. Oh my I think I am getting gray hair. The reason we have not moved her to a toddler bed is because my darling hubby has seemed to have misplaced the hardware for it, but soon very soon even if I have to buy a completely new one.

Anyway, I better get back to work. Only 2 more hours before I take off to go to the beach...wish me luck :)